Brooklyn is an Idea

Great Design September 28, 2012 0
Brooklyn is an Idea

Brooklyn is neither a town or a borough, it’s an idea.  Born from a family of five, its essence comes from working class roots.  It’s ideals are original, made manifest from air, land and water.  Brooklyn is all backbone, it’s sex appeal rooted in honesty and a strong understanding on just how the world works.  Brooklyn never explains or apologizes for itself, and why should it?

Our five part series covers the waterfront, if you will.  Enjoy.

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The Brooklyn Series

Monday, October 1

Tuesday, October 2
Brighton Beach Brooklyn

Wednesday, October 3
S 2nd and Kent, Where Sound Begins

Thursday, October 4
How Brooklyn Eats

Friday October 5
Brooklyn Distilled
An Interview with David and Colin at Kings County Distillery