Circa: How Your Eye Wants To Take Information Via The iPhone

Great Design October 26, 2012 0
Circa: How Your Eye Wants To Take Information Via The iPhone

Tim Shundo is the lead designer behind the new app  Circa, which makes the news more readable by breaking it down into easy to follow headlines and bullet points.

Brought to us by the minds behind Digg and I Can Has Cheezburger, Circa miraculously has it’s own staff which condenses and re-formats the news into easy to read ‘flashcards.’

“In making mobile news more readable, you have to realize that the act of ‘reading news’ as we know it today is a fairly antiquated practice in itself.’

On first loading the app, Circa’s baseline is the same headline/thumbnail feed we’ve seen a hundred times before.

But when you click to read, you realize that stories are broken into readable bullet points, which Shundo likens to flashcards. Rather than scroll through a long column of text–doing that dance where you try to hold your thumb on the screen while you read around it–you flick down a list of blurbs, each perfectly truncated to take up no more real estate than the iPhone 5’s screen.

It makes sense. For whatever journalistic expression may be lacking in the abridged story format, Circa compensates through information-cramming, blog-crushing efficiency. And these flashcard updates hold another benefit: As stories develop and new facts arise, the format is easily expandable. And users can subscribe to any story’s updates rather than constantly tapping “refresh” on the off chance there’s been something new added.”


Written by Mark Wilson