Clearing Land Mines With Low Tech Tumbleweed

Great Design November 5, 2012 3
Clearing Land Mines With Low Tech Tumbleweed

Often Great Design is Simple Design, the best laid plans are often the most obvious (so obvious that most of us miss it).  Massoud Hassani has taken a simple design and made it Great with the Mine Kafon, clearing land mines with ease.

There are millions of land mines spread about our world, to this day they continue to kill nearly 20,000 people each year. Designer Massoud Hassani born in Kabul, Afghanistan spent his childhood confined by land mines.

Fast forward to the present, inspired by a wind power toy Hassani created in his youth, he has built a large scale tumbleweed-like device called Mine Kafon. This device is anything but a toy, Mine Kafon is an intelligent rolling land mine destroyer.

Constructed of bamboo and biodegradable plastics with a GPS computer heart, it simply blows around in the wind in search of mines. If it hits a mine it will be destroyed but at least its environmentally friendly. The explosion triggers the integrated GPS to log the location of the mine so the area can be noted and swept at a later time.


  • sl♀ttLAB

    In february 2013 design-art Gallery Slott in Paris is honored to present the designer Massoud Hassani for his first solo exhibition with his project Mine Kafon @slottLAB !


      Thanks for letting us know slqttLAB, we are such fans of his work.

  • James Parker

    Massoud said a Kickstarter campaign is in the works… keep an eye out for it so that the Mine Kafon can go into production and begin saving lives.