Memoto is Your Visual Diary

Great Design October 29, 2012 0
Memoto is Your Visual Diary

Fresh from Kickstarter, Memoto is a new lifelogging gadget. Its a tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.

Swedish startup Memoto today announced the availability of its self-titled flagship product, a tiny camera you clip to your shirt that captures a 5MP picture every thirty seconds. Unlike GoPro, which has a tight hold on the mobile video recording market, Memoto seeks to bring effortless capture of life’s less extreme moments to consumers.

The Memoto’s rechargeable battery lasts two days, and its built-in accelerometer orients photos at non-nauseating angles when you browse them later. At the end of each day, plug the device into your computer through a Micro USB cable and all your photos upload automatically to Memoto’s cloud servers. Once the upload is complete, your photos become accessible through an iPhone or Android app, as well through the company’s website, where photos are organized by location, time, and date. The Memoto debuts on Kickstarter today, where a $199 pledge buys you a gray, white, or orange Memoto device, a one-year subscription to the company’s service, and an estimated availability of early 2013.

“With Memoto, you can effortlessly travel back in time to that moment when you met the love of your life, the day your daughter took her first step, or that night you laughed the night away with friends,” Memoto CEO Martin Källström said in a press release. Memoto isn’t quite as obvious as Glass, or as discreet as Fitbit. It also isn’t the first lifelogging gadget you can attach to your body. Either way, it’s obvious that a new class of lifelogging technology is about to change the way we live — or just make us look really awkward.

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Written by Ellis Hamburger