Marc Newson: A New Handbook for Creative Inspiration

Great Design September 7, 2012 0
Marc Newson: A New Handbook for Creative Inspiration

Marc Newson, never shy about stretching the limits of our imagination, has brought us fascinating timepieces, boats, planes and even a spaceship.

His creativity takes us from mass-produced objects to fashion to limited edition furniture, including the iconic Lockheed Lounge.

Reed Krakoff, the creative director of Coach, owns a dozen or so Newson pieces. “To me, Marc is like the Picasso of design,” says Krakoff. “He integrates design with the techniques of his time, but the technique doesn’t become the design. He’s clearly one of the great design minds of our time.”

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s own industrial design guru, agrees. “I think Marc is fairly peerless now,” said Ive. “Marc’s forms are often imitated, but what other designers seldom imitate is his preoccupation with materials and processes. You have to start with an understanding of the material. Often your innovation is just coming up with a new way to use material.”


Marc Newson Works by Alison Castle


Newson’s resulting creations are now chronicled in what might become the handbook for creative inspiration.

In Alison Castle’s new compendium, appropriately titled Marc Newson. Works, she chronicles the Australian industrial designer’s knack for the sublime while cataloging all of his works to date. Also included is an in-depth interview by Louise Neri.

The book is a limited-run Collector’s Edition, published through Taschen Books.

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Video: Interview with Marc Newson

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