A Wizard Named Ozwald

JN November 28, 2012 0
A Wizard Named Ozwald

As editor of GreatDesign, I enjoy chasing the complicated parts of how design is more than intent and purpose.

Nuance, connections, history, relevance, passion, prophet.

Sage, wizard, magician, entrepreneur, rebel, technology, talent.

Not sure you could invent an Ozwald Boateng.  He maintains the vigorous courage to see the classics done differently, arguably better.  There appears to be no stopping his level of passion, his level of flair and faculty.

And if all you see is a lavender single breasted suit, you’re not looking hard enough.

When you ask men to safely explore their oft repressed peacock nature through the prism of classic British tailoring, you’ll find the core makings of great design.

Joseph Noble, Editor-in-Chief