Herman Miller’s SETU is “simple as possible, but no simpler.”

Great Design February 18, 2012 0
Herman Miller’s SETU is “simple as possible, but no simpler.”

When it comes to the office, multipurpose chairs are used where people sit for shorter periods and move frequently (conference rooms, touchdown workstations, collaborative spaces). However, given how the world has changed and will continue to change, these so-called “temporary spaces” are now less temporary.

Herman Miller, Inc., one of the world’s leaders in ergonomic seating design, created the SETU chair by paying attention to work-chair principles of motion and comfort with good looks, simplicity, and an affordable price.

Paraphrasing Einstein, the designers at Studio 7.5 claimed that “we want everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.” This German-based design firm was also hired to create Herman Miller’s award winning MIRRA work chair in 2003.

SETU is made of simple compounds for the perfect combination of flex and strength — the spine mimics the synchronized movement needed to fully support the body in any reclined or upright position, while the elastomer “skin” floats omni-directionally, distributing weight evenly while conforming to your contours as you move.

The openness of the suspension structure also provides aeration and reduces heat buildup.

Because there is only one adjustment (height), Setu is simple to use. This makes it ideal for places where many different people use the same chair. Everyone gets the full ergonomic benefit without adjustment.

SETU’s aluminum base is durable and anti-corrosive.  It is unpolished and uncoated, so there is no added labor or harmful toxins, lightening the eco impact.