Catching up with Simone Esposito

Great Design February 15, 2012 115
Catching up with Simone Esposito

We met with Simone Esposito, B2B developer and renowned expert in Luxury, Branding and Business Development, in a beautiful suite of the Soho Hotel in London. Simone lives in London and he consults for luxury brands offering a wide range of services to his clients.

Simone aims to create a business development agency for luxury, lifestyle and wealth management brands, connecting them directly with high net worth individuals. Throughout his illustrious career, he has worked and consulted for brands such as Loro Piana, Asprey of London, Thomas Pink, Carlisle and London-based jeweler Theo Fennel.

Today, we are meeting him to understand how he was able to re-invent, invigorate and create new streams of business (and revenue) for uber-luxury brands.

“My background is in Media,” Simone starts with his distinctive English with a mix of Italian, British and American influences, “but I always had a very creative approach to business. Especially B2B, as my clients have always been corporations. Never individuals.  When I have been approached by Loro Piana US to build from scratch a brand new division for the company, I understood that subtlety and collaboration could be a winning strategy in this field. Therefore I gave myself the double aim to generate revenue to the company – working on some great and unique projects – and also to create brand awareness. Very targeted, extremely focused on a very niche portion of the market”.

And that is when Simone came up with some incredible and unique ideas forging strategic alliances with other luxury and lifestyle brands. Great design and gift ideas like exclusive travel amenities on board of private jets (100% cashmere blankets uniquely personalized with flawless and never invasive embroideries, special labels, special packagings), uniforms for Argentinian polo teams, fishing tournaments in Colorado, golf events in California.

More recently Simone worked on some very interesting projects for brands like Thomas Pink, the British shirt-maker now part of the LVMH portfolio, for the American direct-sale Fashion house Carlisle and for historical British jeweler Asprey.   Simone developed a wildly successful corporate gifting collection at Thomas Pink (including shirts and ties) that were highly customizable to suit the needs of its clientele, and also worked with clients that ranged from large corporations to private airlines to create uniforms using Thomas Pink materials and clothing that demonstrate the high-end nature of the airline while simultaneously expanding the reach of Thomas Pink’s brand to a new market.  Simone has the truly unique capability to identify business opportunities between diverse companies that result in great success.

Simone’s brilliant branding and business development ideas connects people, platforms and organizations in order to create sustainable value and deliver exceptional results. He believes that traditional marketing and business development yields diminishing returns, so he offers a game-changing approach to both. As he mentioned during our meeting, he accelerates brand awareness and market penetration, delivering an innovative, efficient and effective approach to marketing.

Good luck Simone and we look forward to seeing more creative and innovative projects from you!

  • SE

    Thank you Great Design!

  • Karen Fuchs

    Simone’s professionalism, experience with luxury brands, as well as his charisma and impeccable taste will no doubt make this a very interesting and successful venture! I look forward to hear more!

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  • VGK Photography

    Simone is hugely talented and capable. He has a natural ability to work with people, communicate his ideas and generate enthusiasm for his concepts. The moment you engage with him you know that not only is he an expert in his field, but he’s the kind of person you want on your team.

  • Ed Ferrell London

    Having known Simone for 10 years, the first impression one gets is that he is, himself, representative of “brand.” He is a mobile example of the product and service he is creating. Meticulous, driven, and crisp, his marketing skills and his awareness of how one fits into one’s surroundings are superb. Yet, for all the precision he demands, his personable nature is reassuring. I think this venture is a perfect and superb fit.

    • SE

      Dear Ed, you are certainly a mentor and an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  • Kathryn

    Simone is such an enormous talent. I am happy to have been able to collaborate with him on several projects. He’s made an outstanding contribution to them. I cannot wait to see his career move forward. What a gift !

  • Linda

    While at the Financial Times we brought Simone in to consult on a project to reach our niche, high-end audience. His ideas were out of the box, yet easily implemented. Simone is a pleasure to work with and his brilliance is valued.

    • SE

      Helping you and the ‘How to spend it’ team in London has been an highlight of my career, thank you for that opportunity

  • Hans

    Simone is cool luxe personified…America needs his talent and expertise, especially NYC!

    • SE

      I appreciate Hans, thank you.

  • Kendall Durelle Briggs

    I have known Simone for over 5 years. He is one of the most remarkable media
    talents I know. His ability to pull together disparate elements and people into a unified vision is his specialty. He has the unique ability to tap into a company’s missing link and identify opportunities that may have been overlooked. Branding is one of the most
    important talents he has, and he has a wealth of ideas and strategies that help to completely turn around and revamp a company’s vision for the future. He is highly motivated and motivating. He delivers powerful vision and leadership. His new and highly successful marketing strategies are a hallmark of his great success. Anyone who has had the opportunity to work with Simone can attest to his remarkable talents. Anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with him should not miss the chance!

  • Paul Cappelli

    Simone is amazing! Great work ethic, amazing style. I wish he worked for my companies.

    • SE

      hopefully soon Paul, thanks.

  • Valerie

    Having worked with Simone I have to say I have rarely met someone more professional and fascinating. He has the most wonderful ideas, unlike any other. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon!!

    • SE

      I can’t wait either Valerie!

  • jacqueline

    Simone How an amazing artist you are. I am so greatful to work with you in some amazing projects. looking forward to work with you again very soon.

    • SE

      Let’s talk about the Luxury Summit in Dubai in September.

  • Robert J Contini

    Love working with Simone…amazing talent, extremely engaging and very client friendly. Its always a pleasure doing business with him.

    • SE

      Mr Contini, it is always a pleasure hearing from you. I am nicely surprised to read a comment from you.

  • Brian Knight

    Simone is SUPER talented! I have an Image consulting agency that services high profile clients. With Simone’s knowledge and understanding of the luxury market he was able help us build a strong business. He exceeded our expectation! We will be looking forward to working with him on up and coming project soon.

    • SE

      Thank you Brian, looking forward to seeing you in Paris on Saturday!

  • Robert in London

    Thanks to Great Design for a great profile, and one that is well deserved. Simone is an exceptional talent, a rising star who will undoubtedly continue to surprise and delight us.

    • SE

      Thank you Robert, looking forward to seeing you and Frankie in London soon!

  • Adnan

    Simone is a wonderful man. I know him personally. A good friend when needed, supposedly a great chef ;-)
    Is he one if the best dressed men I know. And most of all, he is a romantic. A sweetheart. And a good human. An inspiration.

    • SE

      Thank you my friends, I am touched.

  • Robert Levithan

    Simone is a creative spirit with unique gifts. His vision is a gift to all who know and work with him. He is an asset to our City, out community, our country. I an grateful he is back in New York City!

    • SE

      Thank you Bobby, look forward to seeing you at the workshop in April….I will skip March for obvious reasons!

  • tersouza

    My God!

    The man is a GENIUS! He has an incredible intuition and an eye for detail and subtly. He’s MILES HEAD when it comes to creatively engaging his clients! A sheer joy to work with!

    • SE

      I like your enthusiasm Tracey, thank you.

  • Frank Pulice

    Simone is the personification of a 21st century
    gentleman. His refined aesthetic is infused
    with an international sensibility and urbane flair. Top his personal style with a personality that
    is both warm and debonair and Simone is a truly extraordinary individual.

    • SE

      Thank you Mr Pulice, coming from you it is a double compliment! by the way we should talk about that partnership we discussed over dinner last week.

  • Janet Mowat

    When I was researching a story on how to buy cashmere for a home publication I oversee, I was having a hard time tracking down an expert who could really break it down for me; I’ve come to discover that there aren’t too many masters of this kind of information anymore. An acquaintance put me in touch with Mr. Esposito, who was able to walk me through the essentials. He was an invaluable and generous, not to mention incredibly nice, resource.

    • SE

      That was a real pleasure Janet, anytime!

  • James Byrne

    Simone and I have had a lot of fun working on luxury goods clients. I did a deal for 10.000 cashmere blankets for a hotel client in Vegas. He said to me, “Who needs cashmere in Vegas??” I told him that people keep the rooms at freezing temperatures and we may even need two per room!

    • SE

      That was a great project to work on together indeed! Thank you James!

  • Karen Begley

    Simone is one my chief go-to consultants for The Financial Times’ Business of Luxury Summit. He has been instrumental in securing the senior luxury executives that maintain the status of our premier event.

    After discovering that I sit on a board at the International Rescue Committee, he has also been kind enough to procure donations from various luxury brands he has represented to drive fundraising efforts during its latest campaign, which targets celebrities and individuals of high net worth.

    • SE

      Looking forward to seeing you in Montecarlo in July!

  • Hennie Chung

    Simone has unique insight into the world of luxury and the affluent/high net worth consumer (who they are, how to access and target them, what motivates them). I have sought out his advice on several projects within the luxury automotive field. His expertise was invaluable. Whether it’s product or program development to brand building to networking in the luxury goods arena, you would do well seeking his advice!

    • SE

      Thank you Hennie, looking forward to starting to work on some interesting partnerships with BMW soon!

  • James Barrett

    Simone is a delight. We worked together on a photo shoot – for a series of portraits of designers and creatives – and he was wonderfully easygoing, friendly and professional. I have huge respect for his judgement and style.

    • SE

      The respect is absolutely mutual.

  • Jean-Christophe Le Greves

    I have rarely come across individuals in business who have the capacity to combine such sharp business sense with a true creative instinct; the kind of dual mindset that can understand and adapt to in-depth brand challenges and bring things to the next level. As creative director in the field of Beauty and Fragrance, I have found in Simone an amazing collaborator every time we had the chance to be on same projects.

    • SE

      I can’t wait to see the result of this collaboration we are working on. Leather goods and THIRDMAN is a winning match!

  • Christine Sullivan

    Simone has the rare combination of listening to and understanding what a client needs, delivering the most creative solutions and options possible, and wrapping it all in a
    package that makes you want to work with him. He is imaginative, professional, inherently creative and delivers with flawless execution. He brings a vibrant likeability to every project and goes beyond the scope of his job to ensure the client’s satisfaction and the project’s success. Working in the luxury goods arena, everyone’s out to make a buck…but Simone truly and instinctually understands the intrinsic value of creating long-term relationships that go far beyond the scope of the project in front of him. I would never hesitate to work with or recommend Simone, and hope for more projects in the

    • SE

      Thank you Christine, I look forward to meeting you in NYC!

  • Brent

    Great piece – I always found Simone’s insights and approach to be singular and unique. His style sense, and his awareness of what high-end luxury consumers look for is exceptional.

    • SE

      Thank you Brent, I am glad you enjoy reading my posts.

  • Matthew Patrick Smyth

    Simone’s ability to sort through the masses and narrow down what is true luxury and fine quality amazes me. I never doubt his instincts and fully trust his taste and knowledge to know that any product he admires is well worth investigating.

    • SE

      Thank you Matthew, the admiration and respect are absolutely mutual.

  • Peter Gladel

    Simone consulted me on various projects and especially for strategic partnerships. As a senior executive in the cosmetics industry, I need a partner that understands quickly the need for actionable solutions that bring immediate results without wasting time on theoretical explanations. His connections across industries and continents allow him to create perfect strategic alliances in the finest way, creating added value for all partners involved. Good luck for your projects and looking forward to a continued cooperation.

    • SE

      I am honored to consult for La Prairie on the 2013 Special Events project. Looking forward an amazing collaboration.

  • Frank D Freiling

    Simone Esposito works as a liaison to different types of media when it comes to promotion of luxury products, quite an expert and a consultant who can rarely be missed out or is missed when not involved in projects…

    • SE

      Dear Frank, great seeing you today and catching up with you. I am very excited for our project in Copenhagen in May!

  • Brad C

    Simone is one of the most stylish and smart people I know. He is exceptional in his field. Simone really knows his stuff.

    • SE

      Thank you Mr Carlson

  • Darren McInnes

    Simone has a very refined sense of taste. I’m a huge follower of fashion and I’m always interested to see what he’s wearing as he always appears current and stylish without succumbing to fads or trends. I value his opinion on what’s new and upcoming – he is an articulate, knowledgeable and charming friend.

    • SE

      I appreciate Darren, thank you so very much. I see you in London next week for the Live Nations convention.

  • Remi Leonforte

    many thanks to Great Design for this accurate picture of Simone’s personality. I know him personally and he has a great sense of style combined with high social skills. His Italian background is definitely a valued asset for his tasteful look and creativity meanwhile his Anglo American experiences make him a highly professional expert.As a senior executive of PPR Group, I know what I am saying ! And more than that he is a generous lovely man. I sincerely hope that he will pursue his path towards new exciting opportunities.

    • SE

      I appreciate your kind comments Mr Leonforte, it is always a great pleasure hearing from you! We should get together next time i happen to be in Paris.

  • Michiyo Fukushima

    I totally love his taste in design and beauty. Very classy and sophisticated and obviously very professional. I would be very lucky if I could ask him to handle my project in future.

    • SE

      That would be a honor Michiyo!

  • Tom Handley

    Simone understand the luxury space. He pairs the old world with the new, and takes it to a new level, That level is achieved through relationship building. In the luxury world, it all comes down to understanding the client and building that delicate relationship.

    • SE

      Thank you Tom!

  • Mark Farhat

    Simone has an excellent understand of the luxury sector and an in-depth knowledge within the fashion and design industry. His approach is very fresh and innovative. He always takes into consideration the true essence of the brand he is working with to take it to the next level by digging deep into its target market and future goals. We at MARK/GIUSTI , would love to work with him at one point in the future.

    • SE

      ….and I think we will start that famous project in the US soon. Thank you Mark and Tiziano.

  • Eric

    Simone has a good eye for style, balance, and the right look for the right occasion. My interaction with him has been on corporate gifts, and his advice always responded to my specific needs, no time wasted, no idle treading water.

    • SE

      Thank you Eric, hopefully see you in Dubai in September.

  • Joseph Panetta

    In my capacity as VP Marketing & Communications for the brands of The Swatch Group US and UK, I had the pleasure of working with Simone during his tenure at Loro Piana. We needed some luxury giveaway items commensurate with our top prestige brand. The events in London and Los Angeles were designed to appeal to a highly selective audience. Our founder was adamant that any products offered must be – like the watches – made in Europe.

    With his intimate knowledge of luxury branding, Simone came to our rescue producing 400 cashmere scarves, embroidered with our brand, made in Italy, and in our brand color. What’s more – he was able to do this in record time.

    Perhaps the most lasting memory I have of the work we did together was his total professionalism and his dedication to getting the job done the right way and on time. He moved mountains inside his own company and it was most appreciated.
    I remain impressed with Simone’s professionalism and dedication.

    Joseph Panetta, Left of Center Consulting

    • SE

      Thank you Joseph, I will never forget working with you in more than one occasion and our dinners in London. Look forward to seeing more of you in NYC soon!

  • Nikolay Radivoev

    Simone is that rare individual that combines effortless style with great business acumen. As a director of operations for Sean Inc., I have had the unique chance to work with him on a couple of projects. Simone always hits the mark. It is probably due to his multi-cultural background and a jet-setting lifestyle that he has his finger on the pulse of today. I’m sure that his new endeavor will be very successful and I’m guaranteed to keep an eye on him for future collaborations.

    • SE

      Thank you Mr Radivoev and regards to Sean.

  • Mark Davis

    Personal style: impeccable

    Demeanor: confident, completely

    Approachability: disarming and genuine

    Ability to help me define my style and get from ordinary to quality in my choices: absolutely. One of the most subtly persuasive people I’ve ever met.

    • SE

      Thank you Mark, I hope my advice helped the situation.

  • S. Amfitheatrof

    Simone is the consummate professional. He knows Luxury and is able to navigate, multitask, strategize and implement ideas to generate success. Simone and I have worked on a range of projects; I’ve always found him to be extremely resourceful and knowledgeable. I would recommend Simone to any company looking to increase visibility and sales. His unique skill set includes impeccable style, multicultural thinking and the perfect kind of business minded levity that strikes a perfect balance between getting the job done and making it fun.

    • SE

      Thank you Mrs Amfitheatrof, it has been a real honor having the opportunity to work with you.

  • Massimo Lapucci

    I know Simone for about 10 years. He’s a smart professional with a huge passion for the world of luxury. He has a great experience and expertise in re-inventing fashion business. His Italian taste is a great plus !

    • SE

      Thank you Dr Lapucci

  • Tom Whitburn

    Simone can and should direct next generation style in the US, he’s truly what every US lifestyle editor is looking for, a real and valued ‘find’ / keeper. All the (US national) magazine editors i share his POVs with say they want more!

    • SE

      Look forward to working on Saints project together soon!

  • Daniel Gibson

    Simone, you are one of the classiest men I know. Congratulations on your article. I am always stunned by your creativity, humor and just straight up class. You make everything fresh, new and exciting. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    • SE

      Thank you so much Dan!

  • Paolo Rosicarelli

    I know Simone for about 6 years. He has a great experience and expertise in re-inventing fashion business. His Italian taste is a great plus !Simone’s professionalism, experience with luxury brands, as well as his charisma and impeccable taste will no doubt make this a very interesting and successful venture!

    • SE

      Grazie Paolo!

  • Carlos

    Simone is a well-rounded professional with a depth of knowledge one rarely encounters. His passion and focused energy makes a pleasure to work with!

    • SE

      Thank you Carlos, please let me know when next in NYC.

  • David Sciascia

    Bravo Simone! There is no one I know Internationally who can make the vital connections and introductions between the top players like Simone can—not only in the luxury category but also fashion/fragrance, automotive and watches. I’ve worked with him over the last 5 years and witnessed first hand his creative business ideas and the hard work he puts in to make them a reality.

    • oonie chase

      i couldn’t agree more. simone’s sense of the market, or relationships and of creative flow is wonderfully nuanced and fun.

      • SE

        thank you Oonie, pity we missed in Paris!

    • SE

      Mr Sciascia thank you so much for the generous words. You have been and will always be a point of reference and an incredible source of learning and improving. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you.

  • LGC

    Simone is an extremely professional, passionate, smart and well-connected business man who has an incredible eye for fashion, style and luxury. I had the pleasure of calling him my partner when we worked together at Carlisle. Simone taught me the importance of networking in the luxury arena and he was instrumental when in came to introducing me to affluent clients and groups. These introductions have made an enormous difference in my professional career and has allowed me to grow my own personal brand. Simone is my go to person when I need advise about up coming brands and market analysis……. He is a true encyclopedia for luxury.

    • SE

      Leena, working with you at Carlisle has been the best in-house collaboration of my entire career. Thank you for being my business partner and my friend.

  • Harry T

    Simone has always surprised me on his vast knowledge of all luxury goods. Consulting with him has always been a success. Great article, the secret’s out!

    • SE

      Thank you Harry, look forward to collaborating on more projects for Simons in Canada!

  • Don Summa

    Good article…Simone Esposito is a luxury segment expert extraordinaire…great coverage by

    • SE

      I did not expect you reading Great Design and thank you so much for the kind words

  • Thierry Schulpen

    Working with you is always a great experience , your eye for details and perfection makes all the difference .
    Looking forward for new challenges and cooperation , see you soon

    • SE

      Sorry I missed you at Paris Fashion week but I hope to see you again very soon. Thank you.

  • Jeanette Okwu

    It is the passion for what he is doing that makes Simon stand out from the crowd of luxury “experts”. His brain never stops working and he is one of the few who embraces the New Media in a smart way, always being clear of what luxury is in its core.

    • SE

      thank you for mentioning my background in Media! so looking forward to working on some great projects together!

  • Lynn Blankenship

    Exquisite style, mesmerizing charm, and sensible intelligence – the make-up of a go-to person for what is fine. With a keen understanding of quality and refinement, Simone is a man who “owns” luxury.

    • SE

      Thank you again for referring my name to the textile company in Germany

  • Claudio Masenza

    I had the opportunity and the pleasure of working with Mr Esposito 2 years ago. The great intuition of making the Aruba Film Festival – which I created – into a platform for showcasing exclusive luxury brands. What can I say? It was simply genius. Thank you again.

    • SE

      Dear Mr Masenza, you truly are an inspiration and a point of reference to me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work together.

  • Liz

    A natural connector with major influence in the luxury market sector Simone has all it takes to help move business forward. His scope is wide and is focus is in the details the best combination for serious business development. Looking forward to working on more great projects with Simone in 2013!

    • SE

      Dear Liz, thank you so much for your support and I look forward to further explore your e-commerce project and how I can help.

  • Tom Rothschild

    Simone has a unique blend of experience in luxury marketing, business development and the necessary insight in to B to B sales to make some big contributions to the bottom line with companies he was associated with as an employee as well as a consultant.

    Simone is very passionate about his craft with a lot of imagination thinking outside the lines to find in-roads to grow his business!

    • SE

      Thank you to the best US headhunter in luxury!

  • Hadi Abillama

    Simone’s knowledge and understanding of the luxury market is impressive! He can easily navigate across different segments of the market and provide a very thorough perspective on each relevant segment. His professionalism and dedication to clients are a great asset.

    • SE

      Mr Abillama it is always a great pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for your nice words.

  • Paolo Secchia

    Simone has a vast experience and expertise in fashion – luxury business, his experience with top luxury brands give him confidence to develop any type of luxury business world wide. His taste is exquisite and core key for successful on all his doing.

    • SE

      Thank you Mr Secchia, I did not expect you to read this article!

  • Malcolm Russell

    Simone’s always a personal source of understanding of the luxury market which has been incredibly useful during my tenure working on the LVMH business at a London based media agency. He understands the often complex luxury market on both sides of the Atlantic and the various nuamces within it. He’s very well connected and has his finger on the pulse on what’s happening right now and future changes. He lives and breathes brands and understands the demands of luxury and what it means.

  • javierito

    Simone is the ultimate lifestyle guru! he is known for his pristine classic taste. A truly gentlelman that embraces charm and respect. His visionary approach to the luxury market wolrd has enable him to conquer a great deal of high profile contacts, business and networks, environment where he gratefully connects people and ideas in a seamless fashion. Over the years, I have worked with Simone in number of design projects and I absolutely recommend his services and advices. He is brilliant!

  • Richard Maggio

    A classic gentleman with impeccable style makes Simone a master at his craft. His dedication to a project coupled with his keen insight make him an asset to any company.