Impossible Excellence of Exactness.

Great Design March 5, 2012 1
Impossible Excellence of Exactness.

In its newest form, perfect has evolved into a less stringent, more relaxed version of how we approach and define the impossible excellence of exactness.

The idealized, unattainable righteousness of the old perfect was no longer able to hold its water.  The critical parents’ spooky voice, along with that ever-looming internal boss, has been shushed through new media, cable comics and general exhaustion.

Work will still get done as it has in the past, except you will now be required to squint and hold it at arm’s length.  The red pen has been diluted to a strong pink.  Physically perfect people will struggle a bit, but won’t know why and it won’t matter.  The Swiss and Germans will choose to see the new perfect as a personal assault, which is how many of us defined the old perfect.

The act of attaining perfection stays on the map, but with less teeth and slightly sour breath.  This might take getting used to for some, but nostalgia for the wrong things has always been a challenge for some and we don’t see this being any different.

We fully anticipate the old perfect to return, unannounced and uninvited as though freshly back from rehab.  And once again we will be dazzled by its unflawed, unbroken and uncorrupted state of being.  But this time we will better understand that just right below the surface how little this has to do with the unflappable international nonchalance of cool…also known as the perfect perfect.


  • Ronald

    Perfection implies fear. Fear of not pleasing someone, of not being good enough, of failing. I’m reminded of Julia Child who’s main advice to would-be chefs was “don’t be afraid”. Perfection is a fantasy. Don’t let the illusion of perfection stop you.