The Spatula That Gets It Right

Great Design November 2, 2012 0
The Spatula That Gets It Right

GIR literally stands for Get It Right, and that’s just what they did with the Ultimate Spatula, their latest release of a functional and well designed utensil.  This thing is Great Design for so many reasons.

Add this new acronym to your phrase book: GIR, or Get It Right.

For their very first product, the designers at GIR have cooked up what they’re calling the Ultimate Spatula, a single piece of molded silicone that’s easy to hold, easy to clean and can handle food temperatures up to 460 degrees.

You’d think by now someone would have been able to nail spatula design, but most spatulas available to consumers have a number of flaws.

For example, a spatula made from multiple parts, including a head, handle and grip, means there’s at least three extra joints for food gunk to get stuck in. Metal handles get too hot; wooden handles have to be hand washed.

The GIR spatula, however, is made from a single piece of silicone molded over a nylon reinforcement that runs through the entire body, ending just 5cm from the tip, lending the blade enough structure to mix heavy, wet ingredients while retaining the flexibility to run it flush against the inside of bowls, dishes and cookware.


Written by Perrin Drumm