The World’s Most Passionate Coffee Connoisseurs

Great Design November 6, 2012 0
The World’s Most Passionate Coffee Connoisseurs

During the Let’s Talk Coffee (LTC) conference, coffee farmers, importers, exporters, financiers, cafe owners, baristas, and the Sustainable Harvest staff gathered in the Rionegro region of Antioquia, Columbia to do just that.

People from twenty-eight countries including South America, Central America, Mexico, Africa, Canada, the USA, India, and Europe joined the team at Sustainable Harvest to share inspirational resource information and celebrate the ten-year legacy of LTC.

Sustainable Harvest’s four-day event was filled with panel discussions of topics ranging from fair trade and emerging markets, to innovation in coffee machinery and the importance of origin coffee stories.

The days were also filled with cuppings, tastings, and demos where the participants could share ideas and ideally strike deals that would be mutually beneficial.

Each evening culminated in a meal celebrating the flavors of Colombia, many drinks, and dancing. The final day, participants joined field trips to coffee farms in Antioquia or to tour the best coffee bars in Medellin.


Written by Julie Wolfson